BCH Charity - A Peer to Peer Bitcoin Cash Charity for Cause

What is BCH Charity?

BCH Charity is platform build on bitcoin cash the peer to peer electronic cash for everyone. The platform will provide individual & charity orgnastion to raise bitcoin cash for their cause and charity work.

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin (Cash) is peer to peer internet cash for everyone. It’s fast confirmation and minimum or no fees nature help people to receive their money with hour from any where in the world. It’s borderless payment solution for everyone.

How is different from GoFundme.com Millap.org?

GoFundme.com & Millap.org both platform are used to raise fund for cause and charity but the person and the donor requires to do all things in local currency or dollar. Both platform charge 5% to 10% of their commission on all over raised amount & they also charge extra 2 to 3% fess on all over fund for crediting fund into cause person or charity bank account.


Where BCHCharity will be lot more different from them Firstly BCHCharity will be peer to person charity platform which means the donor donated amount directly goes to the charity or cause person bitcoin cash address . Their will be no commission or any fees . We won’t charge anything from donor or charity.

The other best part of BCHCharity is here all donation will be donated in $BCH their will no local currency or other cryptocurrency.